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The Evolution of You


Step one: 
Clarify Your goals

Step 2: 
Experience your holistic plan

Step 3:
evolve to a happier you.

Our transformative fitness and wellness programs are designed to propel you on a journey of self-improvement.


Our offerings encompass both short-term and long-term approaches, tailored to deepen your connection with fitness and wellness. These comprehensive programs fuse the realms of physical fitness, self-care, and nutrition, empowering you to unlock your full potential 

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Most people struggle with achieving longevity in fitness and wellness because

  • They are overwhelmed on how to get started

  • Lack of self motivation

  • Get bored

  • Don't know how to create acheiveable goals

  • Lack support and encouragement

  • and so much more!

We don't want that for you and created a program that will immerse you into fitness and wellness.​

Evolving fitness and wellness together means recognizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, and incorporating practices that support both aspects of health. This holistic approach to health can lead to greater overall well- being and a more balanced approach to fitness & self-care.

Struggle to strength 

Image by Victor Freitas

Program Highlights:

  • A 12 month mentorship, created to ignite your evolutions

  • Although 1:1, you will begin this with a cohort of like minded individuals

  • Personalized training sessions guided by expert trainers

  • Focus on building strength, endurance, and resilience

  • Integration of mindfulness practices and stress-management techniques

  • Customized self-care rituals to nurture emotional and mental well-being

  • Emphasis on awakening inner power and restoring balance

  • Remarkable transformation in physical capabilities and overall well-being

  • Improved self-esteem and a newfound zest for life


The activities included are:

  • Personal Training 1 on 1

  • Yoga: Online self paced, in person, private

  • Massage Therapy 

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Access to mindfulness and awareness workshops

  • Support and enouragement

  • A community of like minded individuals


This is the program where struggle becomes the catalyst for strength. It's where you experience the profound shift in your well-being, you tap into your inner power, and embrace a journey of growth and vitality.

Price will vary from person to person,  based on your time, commitment level, and how much you want to evolve in your fitness and wellness.

If programs are not your thing, we have individual services, click here

Empowered Beginnings: Master Fitness & Wellness for Lasting Well-being

Designed to help individuals overcome challenges and tap into their inner strength. Through a comprehensive approach that addresses both physical and emotional well-being, participants can expect to experience an increase in strength, better moods, and an overall feeling of feeling stronger and better daily!


How to get started

At this time, we are not taking applications.

Our first cohort will begin January 2024

If you want to stay in touch, and even get on our waitlist,

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