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Fall Equinox: Flex & Flow Mini Retreat

Finding Balance

Unearth balance and growth within yourself at our mini fitness & wellness Retreat.


Join us for an immersive experience that thoughtfully weaves together yoga, a high-energy HIIT workout, reflective journaling, and art mediation that will help you to:

Reconnect your mind & body


Reconnect your body and mind in a journey of harmony. Rediscover the art of being present, tuning into your body's sensations, and using this awareness to enrich your understanding of thoughts and emotions. This connection empowers you to respond mindfully to both physical and mental cues, fostering well-being and equilibrium."

Embrace change with grace & adaptability

Navigate life's transitions with grace and adaptability. We infuse fitness and yoga practices to help you cultivate a resilient mindset. Through invigorating workouts and mindful yoga sessions, you'll learn to let go of resistance, open up to possibilities, and align your journey with the seasonal cycles of transformation. 

Discover Seasonal impacts on wellness

Discover the profound influence of seasonal transitions on your well-being. Uncover how shifts in weather, light, and nature's rhythms intricately shape your physical, mental, and emotional health. Within the context of our wellness retreat, you'll gain invaluable insights into harnessing the power of these changes to elevate your holistic wellness journey

September 23,2023

Unearth balance and growth within yourself at our transformative Fall Equinox Fitness & Wellness Retreat.


Join us for an immersive experience that thoughtfully weaves together yoga, a high-energy HIIT EMOM workout, and reflective journaling to address key wellness challenges:


  • Reconnect Mind and Body: Engage in fitness activities that harmonize physical movement with mindfulness practices, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

  • Embrace Change: Through a themed yoga session, we'll guide you to shift from a mindset of limitation to one of possibility, empowering you to adapt and thrive.

  • Dynamic HIIT EMOM(every minute on the minute): Ignite your inner fire with a heart-pounding HIIT EMOM workout, embracing the challenge of change while nurturing your equilibrium.

  • Guided Journaling: Reflect on your transformative journey as you put pen to paper, capturing insights and revelations that align with your growth.

  • Art Meditation: With our reflection, we create intention and our creation will be our wearable reminder.


  • Seasonal Awareness: Discover the impact of seasonal transitions on wellness, gaining a deeper connection to the natural rhythms of the environment.


Join us on this multifaceted journey to celebrate the fall equinox while fostering personal growth, embracing change, and nurturing a balanced, revitalized you.

Harvesting Balance: Fall Equinox Mini Retreat
Harvesting Balance: Fall Equinox Mini Retreat
Sep 23, 2:00 PM

Sponsors Celebrating you

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