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Have You EVER Tried to Do Something for 30 Days Straight?

Have you ever attempted a 30-day fitness or wellness challenge? You know, one of those "I’m going to become a new, improved, supercharged version of myself" endeavors? If so, you’ve probably experienced the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it. Right?

Let me run you down memory lane...well, maybe I'm doing this for myself also! My memory lane of my failed attempts to starting a 30 day journey goes something like this...raise your hand if it sound all too familiar.

Day 1: Overenthusiastic Start

Day 1 is full of excitement. You jump out of bed, ready to conquer these 30 days. But by the end of the day, you say to yourself "Hmm, this is frickin hard". Your body is already protesting. But you're like "NO! I can do this."

Day 2: Soreness Strikes

Welcome to Day 2, where every muscle aches and you walk around like you're 95. You thought you were ready for this, but reality hits hard. Motivation dwindles, and you start doubting your decision. But you still rally and say "NO! I can do this."

Day 7: The Seven-Day Slump

By Day 7, your enthusiasm has plummeted. You dread the workouts. You dread even stretching! The initial excitement is gone, replaced by exhaustion and frustration. You're tempted to quit. But you still rally and say "NO! I can do this."

Day 15: Midpoint Meltdown

Halfway through, and you’re like "Hell Nah!" and struggling. Progress is slow, and sticking to the routine feels impossible. That couch is lookin mighty comfy. Instead of thinking about getting to the gym or working on self-care. The rally up doesn't even happen this time. But somehow you still say "NO! I can do this."

Day 21: Breakdown Before Breakthrough

Day 21 should feel like a milestone, but instead, it’s just another reminder of how tough this challenge is. You’re tired, mentally drained, and the finish line seems far away. You're on the verge of giving up. The rally up is sort of there, but you say nothing to encourage yourself. :(

Day 30: Disappointment Day

You reach Day 30, but instead of feeling accomplished, you feel let down. The results aren’t what you hoped for, and the journey was more grueling than gratifying. It feels like all the effort was for nothing. Plus, you stopped doing anything technically after Day 15!

There’s a Better Way: Join the Thrive Tribe!

I can completely relate. I literally did this with a 30 day yoga challenge and did this exact thing!! So trust me, I know exactly how this feels.

If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time for a change. Thrive Tribe is here to scrap that frustrating mindset and transform your fitness and wellness journey into something different and super positive and sustainable.

Led by ME!, Sandy ColeCross, I want to guide you into something that might be a slightly different 30 day challenge. Instead we do this as a group! We’re a community that supports each other through every step, squat, and smoothie. Imagine:

  • Never starting a new fitness and wellness journey alone again.

  • Feeling energized and motivated, not exhausted.

  • Creating a fun and effective fitness and wellness routine.

  • Staying on track and hitting your goals.

  • Developing a positive mindset that drives you forward.

We grow together and celebrate victories as one unstoppable tribe.

Ready to ditch the disappointment and join an awesome community? Click here to join the Thrive Tribe today and start our first 30-day program together!

Let’s freaking go!

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I have done a 30-day challenge on a couple of tasks: drinking and wheat flour.

I quit drinking for 30 days or so at least once a year to clear the mind, reset the mechanism and evaluate any health changes. Without alcohol, clear, meditative thinking becomes easier and deeper. Without wheat flour, there is less bloating and gas. With both, over time, I'm certain it would lead to weight loss.😸

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