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Life got away from me...but who's noticed?

Ok not gonna lie, It's been a hot minute since I graced you with my most excellent blogging presence. What can I say? I'm basically a mad woman multi-tasker juggling a gazillion things at once. Anywho, here we are in February – the month of love, chocolate, and me trying to remember when my birthday is...oh ya its my birthday month!

So, I promised a January mini retreat way back in December, but let's be real, life decided to hit me with a tidal wave of overwhelm. I may have temporarily misplaced my sanity, but fear not, I'm back and ready to rock a mini retreat! Are you ready? Oh I am...Oh I really am...

Now, I could drone on about how I got caught up in the chaos, lost my planner because my cat ate it or something weird like that, and maybe shed a tear or two over the lost month. But nope, I'm not about that drama – I'm about good vibes and tackling life like a boss.

So, without further ado, let's talk about this month's mini retreat. Drum roll, please! (Cue the drumming...)

This mini retreat is called:

Self Love Revolution: Positivity for the sake of me!

February 24, 2pm

click here to get a tiny bit more details.

All details are not fully up yet because I'm testing out the art meditation portion of the retreat.

It will be the same format. We will start with an invigorating workout with a relaxing yoga session. Of course, we will be throwing an easy mindset shifting activity in there. Then, followed by an easy fun art meditation. Let's just say the art meditation will possibly be about encapsulating your essence.

I'm excited to do this retreat because Ill be able to sort of make this a birthday party also! 😂 My birthday is the 21st, so the 24th is my birthday weekend. Instead of partying with my cats and husband, I decided to make myself work! 😂 All good though, Im taking days off before the retreat.

Short and sweet blog today. Be on the lookout for emails, blog posts, and even social media posts that may have a promo code. If you know me, I like to make things sort of a treasure hunt and hide the promo codes to see if you really do read my stuff 😂 😂🤨

See you soon!

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