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Little Ol' Me is in the Spotlight? My Five Minutes of Fame!

Updated: Mar 19

I got this email that said "EvoFitWell Blog featured in Feedspot Top 35 San Diego Fitness Blogs" I was like what? this has got to be a scam. But I checked it out and there I was. I'm number 22. Need to work on that number but, beggers can't be choosers. 😂 Ive never been featured in anything ever! So this is cool.

The blog site in question? Feedspot, a platform dedicated to all things fitness-related, particularly focused on the vibrant San Diego fitness scene. As I clicked through the link provided (which, by the way, I was very skeptical), I was greeted with a lineup of San Diego's finest fitness blogs. And lo and behold, nestled among them, of the local fitness community was my blog!

You can check out and see for yourself. I swear I'm telling the truth! 😂

Once getting over disbelief, it gave way to a warm, fuzzy feeling of pride. Someone out there deemed my funny little blog posts, who I think only one person reads 🤨😂, worthy of recognition. But beyond the personal boost, being featured on Feedspot is pretty cool. Mostly because someone took the time to take my website link and paste it into their website. I'm genuinely humbled. It served as a reminder that in a digital landscape saturated with voices clamoring for attention, a bit of acknowledgment goes a long way. It's just like receiving a gold star sticker in elementary school - a simple gesture that makes you feel warm and fuzzy!

I'm gonna bask in the glow of my five minutes of fame, feeling stronger both inside and out, knowing that somewhere out there, someone is reading my blog and maybe, just maybe, getting inspired to workout, start working on how to feel good inside, or legit hires my company!🤨😂

Thank you Feedspot for the shout!!!! I appreciate you!

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