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Welcome to the Thrive Tribe: A 30 day journey to fitness, wellness, and fun!

Hello!! Its me Sandy. An update blog style...

I would like to introduce you to

Thrive Tribe

Even though it was never started, this program was called EVO60. Thrive Tribe was just more up my alley...a little airey fairy and little not LOL. This 30-day program is designed to kickstart your fitness journey with a perfect blend of fun, laughter, and getting stronger inside out.

And for those wondering about the CrossFit Geek AKA Coach Abdul—he’s been promoted to Stay Classy Crossfit Manager and is currently immersed in the world of managing. So alas, I'm all by my lonesome. Not really because he will show his face throughout our program from time to time. This just means you get to hear waaaaay more dad jokes. Hmmm actually, Coach Abdul is a professional dad joker. 🤨 So you get them regardless!

What is Thrive Tribe?

Thrive Tribe is more than just a fitness program; it’s a community of like-minded individuals coming together to achieve their best selves.

In a nutshell...

  • Relatable Beginnings: Kickstarting you

I created this program for those who need help getting started because I totally get it! Starting is half the battle—sometimes it’s the only battle. This is your kickstart to get you moving, whether it’s your workouts or overall well-being. Weight loss might happen, but the main goal is simply to get you started in fitness or well-being or BOTH!

  • Community Power: The main reason for this program... 

This is for anyone who craves camaraderie and hates working out alone. Seriously, it's the one thing that keeps me going! There's nothing like sweating it out with friends to keep the intensity up, making it crazy fun with grunts and laughing, and then snapping a sweaty selfie afterward that you may or may not post later😂. You'll enjoy workout buddies in a supportive, non-judgmental community where encouragement, motivation, and accountability are always by your side...with a super dash of sweaty hugs and high fives! 😎

  • Consistency and Accountability:

This program is designed for those who struggle with consistency and crave accountability. Trust me, I totally understand! Consistency fuels my motivation, and accountability keeps me on track.

  • Beginner to Intermediate Friendly:

Perfect for beginners to intermediates, our workouts are challenging yet easily scalable. They call me the Scale Queen, maybe not its a self proclaimed title😂

I also love to get creative! Our well-being activities will be fun and lighthearted, so you can enjoy the journey without taking things too seriously. No Sanskrit talk here, gotta make this B relatable and fun!

Thrive Tribe Highlights:

Get ready for dynamic fitness sessions CrossFit style! As a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with tricks up my sleeve from my volleyball coaching days, I'm here to get you started in being all fitnessy-like. You'll experience high-intensity workouts designed to burn calories and build endurance in a short amount of time. These sessions are suitable for all fitness levels, leaving you feeling energized and accomplished, not exhausted and defeated.

We may even get creative with our workouts and go for a hike or visit a favorite place of mine that will challenge us all around. Either way, my goal is to make this fun and then to have fun with each other creating community.

What else you ask? 🤨

YOMO(yoga+mobility) & YOMOFITFLO with Sandy

I love recovery yoga because thats what I started out with teaching. Of course we will have YOMO(yoga+mobility) as part of our programming here. But you will experience my YOMOFITFLO which I have talked about for such a long time. I'm finally doin it!!

What is YOMO(yoga+mobility)?

  • YOMO is Yoga inspired mobility classes that are fun, light, and relatable.

  • My goal is to help you feel comfortable after workouts and improve your flexibility and mobility—without the "I'm not flexible enough" mindset.


  • These classes are where yoga meets fitness, designed to challenge your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Don't worry, these classes are beginner-friendly and you can modify everything we do without judgment.

Basic Nutrition Guidance for longevity

  • Learn the basics of healthy eating with simple, actionable tips from some of the nutrition experts I know. No complicated meal plans—just straightforward suggestions to help you make better food choices.

  • We’ll cover hydration, portion control, and the importance of balanced meals to support your fitness goals.

Mindfulness, Awareness, and Relaxation

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices into your routine to enhance mental clarity and reduce stress. I'll introduce different ways to meditate, such as art meditation, and have positive mindset activities that you can add into your mindfulness regimen.

  • Relaxation is key to recovery, I got you boo! Ill smother you with tips and techniques to keep your mind as fit as your body. Plus, as part of the program, a massage is included!! I may be sport massage, but this chick knowwwsss how to get ya relaxy like.

3 Reasons why you should join Trive Tribe:

1. Fun and Engaging Workouts & Wellness Activities:

  • Whether you’re a fitness novice or getting back into the groove, our workouts are designed to be enjoyable and effective. Expect a mix of classes that keep you on your toes (sometimes literally).

2. We Sweat & Thrive together:

  • You’re not alone on this journey. The Thrive Tribe is a supportive community where members motivate each other, share successes, laugh at (or with) my dad jokes, and get tons of support for staying consistent and accountable.

3. Accountability & Consistency:

  • Benefit from regular check-ins, accountability partners, and a structured program to help you stay on track and achieve your fitness & wellness goals.

Join the Fitness and Wellness Fun!

Ready to kickstart your fitness and wellness journey and become a part of the Thrive Tribe?

Get yo little finger to press that sign up button just below!

Empower, Evolve, & Thrive**—This is the way

(sorry I'm a huge Mandalorian & Sci-Fi fan LOL couldnt' help myself

— Your dedicated guide, Sandy

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