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Why I Choose Personal Training at a CrossFit Gym: Expanding Beyond CrossFit Training

Sandy here!!!

As someone who values diverse fitness experiences, I've come to appreciate the undeniable appeal of CrossFit gyms. Renowned for their high-intensity functional workouts that foster strength, endurance, and overall fitness, CrossFit gyms offer more than just traditional CrossFit training. In this article, I want to share how I've unlocked the benefits of a CrossFit gym without necessarily committing to conventional CrossFit training.

I started out with a personal trainer at a CrossFit gym...Stay Classy Crossfit actually. I quickly realized the way my personal trainer trained me was not like other personal trainers. And I felt like my body was transforming even with the very first workout. Even though she kicked my butt! I thought I'd put together a little list of why I will always choose to have a CrossFit coach train me.

1. **Variety of Equipment**

Walking into a CrossFit gym, I'm greeted by a diverse array of equipment that caters to different workout styles. From barbells and kettlebells to ropes and gymnastics rings, the gym houses an impressive selection that piques my curiosity. While I might not be drawn to the typical CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day), I'm excited about the potential to design my own customized workouts using this versatile equipment.

2. **Expert Coaching**

One aspect that truly stands out for me is the caliber of coaching available in a CrossFit gym. Despite not fully embracing the conventional CrossFit routines, I recognize the immense value of having access to experienced coaches. Whether I'm delving into weightlifting, functional movements, or cardio exercises, the guidance and insights these coaches offer are invaluable. Their attention to proper form, technique, and safety enhances my training experience and minimizes the risk of injury.

3. **Community and Motivation...even though I wasn't totally in the community at that time!**

Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who are deeply committed to their fitness journeys is truly inspiring. The sense of community in CrossFit gyms is palpable, and even though I'm not a CrossFitter in the traditional sense, I'm motivated by the camaraderie among members. Their dedication and passion encourage me to push my boundaries and elevate my training regimen, regardless of the specific exercises I engage in.

4. **Structured Programming**

The structured programming followed by many CrossFit gyms aligns perfectly with my fitness goals. While I may not participate in formal CrossFit classes, I find great value in tailoring my training to the gym's comprehensive programming. This ensures that my workouts are well-rounded, targeting different facets of fitness like strength, endurance, and skill development. The structured approach takes the guesswork out of planning and guarantees that I'm making progress.

My journey within the CrossFit gym community exemplifies the adaptability and inclusivity it offers. Embracing the resources available—such as diverse equipment, expert coaching, motivating community, structured programming—has transformed my approach to fitness. I'm now one to go to CrossFit classes without hesitation. By tapping into these resources, I've harnessed the power of a CrossFit gym to enhance my health and fitness journey, proving that you can reap the rewards even without being a dedicated CrossFitter.

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