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Empowerment through community

Imagine If You...


  • Never fear starting a new fitness journey alone again.

  • Feel more energized and less exhausted in your daily life.

  • Created a fitness and wellness routine that's anything but boring.

  • Stayed motivated & on track, hitting your fitness & wellness goals.

  • Developed a positive mindset that drives you to achieve more.

  • Feel stronger, both mentally and physically, every day.



Led by Sandy ColeCross...

Thrive Tribe is a community of like minded individuals on different fitness and wellness journeys who come together as one.


As a tribe, we'll dive into a range of programs created by Sandy.  Each offering is its own unique experience that infuse fitness and wellness as one program that will range from 30-90 days.


Through shared sweat sessions and cheering on each other's achievements, we'll find strength and support as a cohort. It's about growing together, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating victories as one unstoppable tribe.

By clicking join today, you will be directed to our very first 30 day program! LFG!


"Sandy is hilarious! Her knowledge of anatomy is fascinating and her ability to get your body moving to prepare for certain poses is incredible. The classes are fun and informative in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a class before. You can be at any level in your ability and enjoy these classes".


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"An absolutely must do! I definitely feel a difference from before starting the program and would do it again in a heartbeat. The pace was perfect. Some days kicked my butt and others were exactly what I needed and I always felt better afterward, even if I was struggling at first."





"We've begun another 10 day exercise challenge with this incredible lady today! I cannot recommend her enough.  She's fun, insanely knowledgeable about anatomy and she gets your body going in ways that are totally DOABLE. Following her has been a real game changer.  If you need inspiration to get off your butt and feel good and laugh a lot while doing it - checkout Sandy!"


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Who struggle with staying motivated and stop before getting started.

Consistently feel drained lacking energy to keep up with daily activities.

Get bored with routine workouts, leading to a lack of progress in fitness and well-being.

Have difficulty maintaining consistency due to a lack of accountability and support

Feel isolated in fitness and well-being leading to an overwhelm of how to start.

My journey: Struggles to Strength...

May name is Sandy, owner of Evofitwell and your guide for Thrive Tribe!

Struggling with well-being and fitness? Trust me, I get it. Before massage school transformed me, I was wrestling with anxiety & depression. My well-being was improving, but fitness was missing from my life. But get this, despite starting CrossFit in 2017, I still found it hard to commit! The biggest hurdle? Just getting myself to the gym, that was across the street to me! WTH!?!? 

Consistency was my nemesis, making it tough to achieve any fitness goals. I felt alone and hated (still do) working out by myself. Everything changed when I joined a class at Stay Classy. Working out with a buddy and having a supportive coach flipped a switch in me. The old athlete within woke up, and I began to thrive. Sticking to a schedule transformed my body and mind—I saw muscle definition, felt stronger, and my booty looked bootylicious!

More importantly, I felt confident and my goals seemed achievable. I had support in my well-being from my massage community, and now, I had fitness support too. Stay Classy CrossFit

Now, I'm in my mid-40s, lifting weights I never thought possible: 225 lbs deadlift, 195 lbs back squat, 130 lbs power clean, and still getting stronger. The magic formula? Community, support, consistency, and accountability. 

And that’s what I want for you. Let’s conquer those fitness & wellness hurdles together!


Coming Up Next

Coming up next
Thrive Tribe 30 Day Kickstarter
Thrive Tribe 30 Day Kickstarter
Sep 01, 2024, 9:00 AM
San Diego
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