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Spring Fit Fest: An Unforgettable Journey of Fitness, Fun, and Free Food

Spring Fit Fest has come and gone, leaving behind a whirlwind of endorphins, camaraderie, and memories that I’ll cherish until the next one rolls around. Seriously, I’m still riding high from the whole experience. Let me take you through the day, from the sweat-soaked highs to the blissful, oxygen-infused lows.

**FRAN-tastic Beginnings**

The festival kicked off with a bang as we tackled FRAN – one of the most infamous CrossFit workouts around. For those unacquainted with FRAN, it's a grueling combo of thrusters and pull-ups that tests the limits of your strength and stamina. Watching everyone dig deep and absolutely crush it was nothing short of inspiring. There were moments when I wondered if some participants had secret superpowers. The energy was electric, and the cheers of encouragement were almost as intense as the workout itself.

**Breathe In, Bliss Out**

Next up was a session with Huff & Chill, who led hourly breath work classes. Now, I thought I knew how to breathe – turns out, I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life. As I followed their guidance, I felt an incredible surge of oxygen throughout my body. My fingers and toes started to tingle, and I had this sudden urge to giggle at how high I felt. It was like a spa day for my lungs. I swear, by the end of the session, I was practically floating.

**Zen Mode Activated**

After all that excitement, it was time to unwind with a simple workout recovery yoga class, complete with sound healing, courtesy of Nicole Turner Yoga. Nicole was in her element, guiding us through soothing sounds. of course I was teahing my YOMO(yoga+mobility) for recvoery, but it was at treat to be side by side with Nicole. We had a room full of relaxed, semi-blissed-out individuals, bathed in calming vibrations. At one point, Nicole was so in the zone that I half-expected her to levitate.

Feeling the need to contribute to the collective zen, I decided to give little head and neck massage as Nicole was bathing us in sound. I swear, there’s something magical about combining yoga, sound healing, and surprise massages – it was like a relaxation trifecta.

**Vendors Galore**

Let’s not forget our amazing vendors who added an extra layer of awesomeness to the fest. All vendors had something they were giving away for FREE! I couldnt believe it. I was legit saying to myself, I wanna be an attendee to this event! And then, in the eleventh hour, Fierro Meal Prep came through with an incredible surprise: FREE MEALS for everyone! We couldn’t believe our luck. It was like the universe decided to reward us for all our hard work with a delicious feast. I may have cried a little – tears of joy, of course.

**Reflecting on the Magic**

Looking back, Spring Fit Fest was more than just an event; it was a celebration of community, wellness, and pushing beyond our limits. And truely bringing Fitness and recovery under one roof. Whether we were gasping through FRAN, tingling with breath work, melting into yoga poses, or savoring a surprise meal, every moment was infused with a sense of togetherness and joy....Stronger together :)

Here’s to the memories made and the new friends found – and to the hope that next year’s Spring Fit Fest will be even more extraordinary!

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