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Sport Massage Therapist, since 2013

Strength & Mobility Coach

Certified Stretching Facilitator

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Myofacial Release

After a layoff from the news business in 2009, Michael answered the calling to become a healer, a journey that began long before the economic downturn of this millennium. It all started when he received his first massage at the age of 35 and realized it was his true passion. Determined to pursue it further, he found his path at IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork) and committed to completing the program no matter what.


During his time at IPSB, Michael immersed himself in a wide range of techniques, from relaxing massage and hydrotherapy to anatomy and physiology. However, it was the ancient healing art of Tui Na within Chinese Medicine that captured his heart. Since graduating in 2013, he's gained valuable experience working in various settings, from chiropractic offices to home visits, before finding his stride working alongside his first massage therapist in Ocean Beach.


Michael has developed his own unique style, blending the modalities and techniques he's learned over the years, and continuously adding to his repertoire through in-office training. Drawing on his passion for Chinese Medicine, he incorporates organ and emotion patterns into his body and energy work, utilizing techniques like Jin Shin to tap into individual Meridian Channels for therapy.


Now, in his private practice space after a successful stint at Acusport in OB, Michael has further deepened his understanding of Chinese Medicine, thanks to the collaboration with acupuncture specialists. His journey has been influenced by his background in athletics, which has led him to serve as the team massage therapist for the San Diego Seals Lacrosse team.


With each session, Michael welcomes all types of issues and clients, approaching each with an open mind. He believes that success comes from embracing this mindset, and he strives to impart this attitude to everyone who enters his office space."

STAY CLASSY CROSSFIT MEMBERS - $25 off regular rates


Packages Available.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.  
Availability for all is on a first come first serve basis.  


24 Hour notice is needed to cancel or reschedule. If 24 hour notice is NOT given, I charge full rate cancel/reschedule fee and will require prepayment for the rescheduled session.  If notice is not given while using a package session or gift certificate, that session will be forfeited.  

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