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Spring Fit Fest: FREE FREE FREE

Updated: May 15

Did I say Free? Oh yaaaa buddyyy!

Hold onto your water bottles because the Spring Fit Fest is about to hit Evofitwell & Stay Classy CrossFit like a tornado of wellness and good vibes! Mark your calendars for


May 19th

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Prepare for fun, sweat, and maybe even shed a tear of joy (or exhaustion) as we dive into a day filled with fitness, recovery, and a whole lot of fun. Here's what's in store:

**Free Classes from Fitness to Yoga to Breathwork:**

Whether you're a yogi, a cardio junkie, or somewhere in between, we've got something for everyone. From gentle stretching to heart-pounding CrossFit, we promise to leave no muscle unworked (and maybe a few sore spots to remember us by).

**Recovery & Relaxation:**

Oh man, this is what I'm super excited about. I'm excited about the workout too! Dive into breathwork sessions, get kneaded like a loaf of dough with mini-massages, pamper yourself with a mini-facial, and brace yourself for the latest addition – cold plunges! Because nothing says "refreshing" like voluntarily subjecting yourself to an icy dip, right?

**Wellness Marketplace:**

Explore a marketplace with local wellness practitioners and vendors. And don't forget to swing by my booth, where I'll be slingin massage for most of the day along side my dear friend and office mate, Michael Bearden. But Also!! Check out who is coming...Our vendor list:

Wellness Lounge Mission Bay - My favorite spa foh shoh!

Glo Wellness - Body Sculpting

Huff & Chill - Cold plunge + breath work - oh ya! Let's go!

Fierro Signature - Healthy meal prep

Vital Fortitude - Dr. C Evan Johnson, Physical Therapist

Fix Medical Group - Regenerative Medicine, Chiropractic, Wellness

Centropix - Kloud Mat Session - oooohhh sounds interesting!

Be Well Rn - Vitamin Injections by Tania Cobb, RN

Sound Collective - Sound Healing by Nicole Turner

Come by My(Sandy), Michael's, and Crissy's booth to:

  • Get your mini facial by Crissy - 1st come first serve - $20 per mini facial - Crissy is a new addition to my collective!

  • Chat about your fitness & wellness goals and let's see if we can't make them a reality. Don't forget I have my upcoming program EVO60 (I'm renaming this to Thrive Tribe btw....I may or may not have a special for this upcoming program!)

  • Learn some recovery hacks that are so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of them sooner.

Space is limited for some classes, so **RSVP for the event here:**

See you there, sweaty friends!

**P.S.** Share this blog with your friends and family who might be interested! Because let's be honest, everything's better with a workout buddy – especially when you're trying to decide if that cold plunge was a good idea or just plain crazy!

Schedule of Events:


10am - Check in and visit vendors!

1030am - Breathwork - Huff+Chill

1115am - Crossfit Talk - will include the crossfit workout briefing

1130am - Crossfit work of the day - Stay Classy

1230pm - Raffles!!!!

1pm-1:30 - YOMO(yoga+mobility) + Sound Healing - 


Huff Chill Breathwork - 1130pm

Huff Chill Breathwork - 1230am

Huff Chill Breathwork - 130pm

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