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A San Diego fitness & wellness center

Evofitwell is a tribe of fitness and wellness professionals, where motivation, guidance, and support is the utmost important. With a focus on accountability, consistency, and guiding positive mindset changes, we empower individuals to achieve their strongest selves, both physically and mentally, for a lifetime of well-being.

Ignite your fitness & health and unlock endless energy for lifelong wellness.

Fitness, Yoga, & Wellness Events and Workshops

At EvoFitWell, we’re on a mission to blend fitness and wellness in events and workshops where you can break a sweat and find your zen in one place. These experiences are created to help you feeling like a superhero – stronger inside out. Join us evolve your fitness and wellness journey to the next level, with a dash of fun and a whole lot of good vibes!

Massage Therapy &

Chiropractic Care

Our massage therapy and chiropractic care are designed to revitalize, realign, and help you recover after your fitness routines. Whether you need to ease muscle tension or get your spine back in line, our experts are here to boost your recovery. Experience the perfect blend of rejuvenation and realignment, leaving you ready to conquer your next workout!

Wellness & Positive Mindset Coaching

We infuse our offerings with wellness and positive mindset coaching, but if you're ready to supercharge your accountability, consistency, and positive mindset shift, join our Thrive Tribe. We're fully committed to motivating, guiding, and supporting you every step of the way on your fitness and wellness journey.


We gather to become a community.  We gather to help each other.

We gather to become stronger inside out.

  • Yobeerga+Brunch Bites
    Yobeerga+Brunch Bites
    Sun, Jun 02
    Little Miss Brewing
    Jun 02, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Little Miss Brewing, 3192 Commercial St, San Diego, CA 92113, USA
    Yep! Yoga and beer once again! BUT this time we are makin in brunchy...Brunchy Yobeerga with some brunch bites! You're like how is this wellnessy...well why the heck not!?!? Must be 21 to drink, but Ill have other options! 😂


Our mission is to be an unwavering support system for our clients, by cultivating growth through accountability, consistency, and positive mindset shifts. Together, we're dedicated to helping them not only feel their best, but also become their strongest selves, inside and out for life.


Evofitwell is a collective of fitness and wellness professionals who not only support but empower individuals embrace their fitness and wellness journey towards lifelong health. Through commitment to accountability, consistency, and cultivating positive mindset shifts, we strive to create an environment where our clients not only feel their best, but are inspired to become their strongest selves, inside and out for life.


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