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Sport Massage Therapist, HHP since 2011

Myofacial Release

Deep Tissue

Pain Management Specialist

YOMO (Yoga inspired mobility) Instructor

Owner of Evofitwell

Helping you recover from fitness and energize for life.


I specialize in helping active people with muscle fatigue and restriction find movement. Pain management is my jam! I will strategize with you on how you can gain freedom from body pain with massage and yoga. I strive for results and don't stop until we collaboratively find the root problem of the restriction and pain."

Sandy, a massage therapist since 2011, completed her training at the International Professional School of Bodywork, graduating with an Associates Degree in Holistic Health. With 1,230 hours of training, she specializes in clinical methods and Thai Massage, far surpassing the typical 500-hour training. She's well-versed in techniques ranging from Thai Massage to Tui Na to Deep Tissue Sculpting. Additionally, 2017, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and now teaches a Deep Stretch Hatha style yoga class at Stay Classy Crossfit.


Her focus is on Sport Massage, addressing specific injuries and challenges through deep tissue compressions and passive stretching, rooted in Thai Massage. She aims for specific muscle tissue mobilization and structural shifts, rather than providing a full-body sensory experience like a standard spa-style massage.


Sandy designs her sessions to help clients:


- Reduce, manage, and/or eliminate pain.

- Gain flexibility for less joint pain.

- Improve athletic performance.

- Increase injury prevention & decrease re-injury.


Her massage style is firm but mindful, with clients mostly clothed to allow for passive joint movements combined with firm muscle compressions.


As a Yoga Instructor, Sandy's classes prioritize injury prevention and workout recovery. Her Hatha style classes involve longer pose holds and a slower pace, while her occasional Vinyasa classes focus on breath-to-movement format for strength building and mental focus, often with nontraditional yoga music like classic rock to keep things fun.


She encourages her students not to take yoga too seriously, embracing imperfections and welcoming even inflexible students, as she's been there herself and continues to work on her flexibility.

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STAY CLASSY CROSSFIT MEMBERS - $25 off regular rates


Packages Available.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.  
Availability for all is on a first come first serve basis.  


24 Hour notice is needed to cancel or reschedule. If 24 hour notice is NOT given, I charge full rate cancel/reschedule fee and will require prepayment for the rescheduled session.  If notice is not given while using a package session or gift certificate, that session will be forfeited.  

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